Player Evaluation
Petars History

Precision Approach to Training

A players skill level is evaluated. Then a customized training program is designed to correct & improve their skill. The player and parents will notice an marked improvement after the very first training session. Parents are required to attend the first training session and will be close to Petars side to hear, see and understand the difference.


With each skill, Petar first demonstrates it, then explains it and breaks it down step by step, so that the student can easily understand it.

What is the difference? Why is Petar more effective and gets better results than my player's present coach or trainer?

Knowledge Demonstration Explanation Small Group Training 100 Soccer Balls Technical Intensity

Knowledge; Petar played at the highest level against the best players in the world. He knows what works, why it works, and most importantly, knows how to teach serious students how.

Demonstration; Very few coaches and trainers can accurately demonstrate the correct technique required. Petar is a Master at Demonstration, any skill, with both legs.

Explanation; Step by step, in slow motion, Petar shows and explains the correct approach angle, body angle and weight distribution.The student can then learn and duplicate the skill.

Small Group Training; The attention each student receives each session is more than a club coach or trainer has time to give each player in a month. The quality of the teaching is the very best. Good coaches without an ego love Petar training for their players because it helps them win! Many competitive coaches encourage all their players to train individually with Petar for the same reason. Their teams win and everyone is happy!

100 Soccer Balls; The number of soccer balls allows the student hundreds of repetitions on each technique to perfect their skill. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes it perfect. 


Technical Intensity; Petar is an intense teacher and takes great pride in pushing the student to technical perfection.

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