Player Evaluation


Player Evaluation
Petars History

Here is a simple way to evaluate any player. Watch & see if the player can execute these 

3 vitally important kicks

Shot; Hard, fast & without spin, like a fast ball mixed with a knuckle ball. Very hard for a goalie to get a read on it. Causes them often to misjudge resulting in an GOAL!

Back spin pass; 30 to 60 yards like a well placed golf shot with a soft landing and backspin. Over the defenders head landing softly at the feet of their teammate. Opens up the aerial game like a good quarterback in football.

Bender; For the direct free kick it means up and over the wall curving back in and down to the upper V before the goalie can reach it resulting in a GOAL! One of Petar’s students received a full scholarship to UMass primarily for her ability to score over and around the wall. On the field it’s used as a  crossing pass around a defender curving back into a teammate.

These are just 3 of the basic types of kicks and yet its very hard to find players who can execute them correctly. In only takes Petar 3 sessions to have the player kicking them correctly.,

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