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“In the past eight years you have always been there for me when I have needed personal skills training. No one else has ever taught me the individual skills, or given me the intense training that I have received for you. Thank you for helping me to fulfill my dreams, as I set new goals for the future.” Katie Griffin, former Sereno club player on 100% scholarship at the University of Colorado in Boulder.


“Petar’s expertise helped in two important ways. The first area was in my skills. His knowledge and back ground helped me increase my technical speed with the ball. He showed me how to reach and position my body in order to gain quickness and speed with my moves creating more space between the defender and me. The other area that he really helped me was in the tactical aspect of the game. Because of watching tapes of games and his discussions with me, I was able to understand not only what was going on in games but also what should have happened. Coach Petar helped me understand that the major difference at each level of competition is the speed of the game, and to be successful at higher levels of competition you must react, move and think much faster. Coach Petar made the transition from Club Soccer to NCAA Division I soccer much easier for me. His help gave the opportunity to start and play seventeen games as a freshman. Than you Petar for your help.” Josh Hansen, University of San Francisco Men’s Soccer Team.


“My only regret is that I did not find Petar earlier in my soccer career. In one year he has taught me so much more about tactics, timing, and technique than I have learned in the past thirteen years. I would not be going to Portland if you hadn’t come along. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me.” Jessie Heller, 4 year scholarship with Portland, Division 1 National Champions.

“In the short time I have been training with Baralic, I have very quickly developed skills on my left foot that has taken years for my right to learn. Moreover, it has been easier to learn new skills and techniques with my left foot than it has been to break the bad habits on my right. I can only imagine what five years of training with Baralic before college would have done for me.” Stephanie Barnier, #14, University of San Diego. Pichured with sister Rachel playing in Petars backyard.    Rachel, who also trains with Petar, played on scholarship to Baylor University and currently is playing at U.C.S.B.




"I was almost forced by a friend of mine to take my daughter to one free practice. Considering I lived a hour and a half away in Prescott it took a lot of talking. No way was I going to drive my daughter 90 miles to take lessons from anyone that far away, and then drive back another 90 miles. After one lesson my daughter and I were so impressed that we were hooked. For the next four years my wife or I drove her down at least once per week for training. It really paid off. She is the only in state player to receive a full scholarship at the U or A. That’s was 9 years ago and my daughter and she is still taking lessons from Petar.  My only regret is that I did not start sooner." Mike Kline, father of Jennifer Kline, Senior on full scholarship at the U of A and plays for the Arizona Heatwave.

"Petar is a miracle worker. He is such a great soccer teacher. He will take a player with no physical ability and make them a decent player. He can take a average ability and make them a very good. Player with with any kind of physical abilities and athletic, will teach them the skill to get a full scholarship. He took my daughter Katie who is very small but with athletic abilities and trained her to play striker. She now plays on a full scholarship at the University of Colorado in Boulder and the U-21 Women's National Team." Cindy Griffen

“I had coached boys soccer for 6 years and girls for 10 years, attended coaching clinics, seminars and read many books on training and coaching soccer. I thought I was a pretty good. My teams always had winning seasons, and then I heard about Petar. After watching him for one session with my daughter I realized how little I knew. I learned more in 3 practices watching Petar than I would have thought possible. I also realized that much of what I had learned in coaching clinics and read in books, while well intended, was wrong. I ended my coaching carrier coaching High School for 4 years and with Petar’s help, the final 2 years our team was undefeated in Region and I was voted as coach of year both years! All only made possible because of  what I learned from Petar. ”  Mark Johnson

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