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Petars History

Petar's Playing History

Petar is very well known, in many places around the soccer world. When he attends a soccer game he is mobbed by the media and fans in Europe! The European media loves Petar because of his off the wall "tell it like it is" comments, similar to Charles Barkley in our country. He is well known for his career with Red Star respected by both players and fans, alike.

Petar played as a midfielder and striker.

Petar played in Yugoslavia until 1979 when he came to the USA and played outdoor soccer for the Tampa Bay Rowdies and Washington Diplomats. Then he played indoor soccer for the Baltimore Blast, Phoenix Pride and Kansas City Comets.

Watch Petar Baralic in Action - High Speed Broadband Recommended

Clip includes old footage of his indoor playing days and some one on one student training! 

Unfortunately the Yugoslavia government has control over the footage of Petar during his playing days with Red Star and is not available. Petar is continuing to try to obtain it and will post it here if it becomes available. If anyone has any in their old tape collection, please contact Petar. It would be much appreciated.

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